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O lovely thing

O lovely thing of god's creation,
how long I have fed my eyes,
yet with every passing sun I,
can not quench this thirst of lies.

Your mirth gives birth,
to a smile which so,
makes my mind forget all dearth,
of love, I have no more.

Leave my side I beg of you,
for you were never here,
yet O godly thing on earth,
the yearning is mine to bear.

I have loved you, or have i not?
from a universe away,
so why do I still feel so near,
while I keep you at bay.

O godly thing, are you not?
a beauty so angelic it shines,
I am none so special
not angel nor demon but
measly human in your eyes.

Courage I have none,
not even the strength,
all i have is the pine.
Is that why you have been aloof,
for I never made you mine?