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Git Devops
Jaypore CI
Pdf templates with python
Avoiding covid vaccine waste
Netlify and heroku together and free
Extending the mind
Logical fallacies
Wonderful Writings
आओ आओ
Treasure hunts using static sites
Heat Pipe Network Training
Awesome Movies
Redbull, a meta-web framework in Python
Arxiv abs links not Pdf please
Winter Rain
Machine Learning With Examples
Book Reviews
The Programmer
Chaos and Fractals
Protecting JSON endpoints in bottle
Why Try
The things I use SSH for
Put Down Your Obsession
Reading Comprehension Challenges
Systematic Povery in Education
Building on Sand: Software without theoretical backing
Topics Discussed in the Indian Parliament
Youtube with only Audio
Evolving Neural Network Weights
BookReview: Sialkot Saga
समय बीत गया है
Meenamkulam Beach
Conversations With Fire
When You Are the Problem
When Needed
Vehicles in Rajasthan
For you
Attendance in St. Stephen's College
Taking a Look at Competitive Programming
Why High Dimensional data is hard to work with.
Go Mull
Good but not Great
The Obsession With The Best
WebCheck: A way to watch websites for change in content
Last Man Standing
Phone As Raspberry Pi Screen
A layman's Introduction to Passwords
Nested Tmux Sessions
The Programmer
Simple Harmonic Motion
Sultan Salim
A Regular Expression Engine in Python
A Better Picture of Graduation
Why You Should Code
Guidelines To Cheating In Exams.
The Terminal - (Not the Movie)
Awesome words
Teacher Relative Marking In Schools
India's Ignorance Towards AI
The Machine Learning behind Voting.
Why the Spirit Rarely Survives
Chatting over lan with Linux
Prerequisites for Conditional Random Fields
Defying Destiny And Why It's So Lucrative
Infinity Stone
I love you?
The nature of the average man.
I Aim At Hash
Pichai Sundararajan makes me sad.
Book Review: Bhima- Vikas Singh
Why is Python a high level language?
They are gone
My all
What Educators Need to Learn From Machine Learning.
Statistcis of the 2014 General Election
Secure Distribution of Examination Question papers
Me and my OSes
Understanding Websites
Ether and light
PyTongue - OSFY article
Does evolution work for dominant species?
Hollow storms
Jokes and a twisted nation.
My post on HN frontpage
Listening to paintings
How good is our education system?
Trai and their blunders
Programming in multiple languages.
Corruption: India's best friend
Django Gunicorn and Nginx
Computer Vision with Python and openCV
O lovely thing
3D scanning with blender and python
India and the glorified typewriter.
The Butler
Python. Savvy?
The other face of flipkart
The unseasonal rain
A fall
The sight of a morning class
The WMD called attendance
To Judge or Not?
The Computer Science Society, SSC
Why Ph.D s do not teach in slums
Tongues-Text to speech in python
I am an Indian and I have no God
India Temperature Map
The notion of a soul
Lost in death
A train of thought on purpose
The voice of JARVIS
JARVIS has cells
Red tape
Youth. Lost.
Back from the dead
Difficult progress
Simple map navigation
Genetic Algorithms
Changing goals
No direction
Hanging in there
The basic unit
Local Call centers
Looking for examples
Interesting things