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Red tape

Suddenly my life is being run by red tape. I managed to finally see something. The joker was right. If u do something for free you lose your value. I was building the college website for free. Currently the setup is a simple html file serving business with a windows server. Completely open to a mimt attack. The site structure is a mess. Out of pity and a sense of belonging I made a django based website for them.

Not a very polished job but still lightyears ahead of the current setup. This is what i call constructive competition. Now the administration who updates the site wants me to plug this into frontpage2003. WTF!
Instant boilover. They dont want it. So i deleted the s=repo on the spot from my local computer. Of course i kept it on github so that i dont lose that work in case they come back to their senses.

However i now have a good mind to do some destructive competition. I wont but the administration deserves some.

Secondly for some reason the police verification of my passport failed. They say the same person was not presented upon verification as who applied for passport. WTF the policeman really did it.
We are forever lost and found in this world of laws. Laws of man ,made by man to govern man.

Red tape.