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Good but not Great

People are usually good, and rarely great. Most of us live in a story where we have no defining purpose. A story following a path as simple as the thousand tendrils of a tree, taken root for a century or two. A purpose which so drives us, that a single word may define most of what we are made up of. Most people are good folk. They hear no evil, they see no evil and do no evil. They also hear no good, see no good and do no good. They are for all intents and purposes simply there to fill space and "exist". In the immortal words of wise men of the past,
There are those who change according to circumstances and those who do not. All progress must then be left to those who refuse to adapt, as they are those who impose their will on nature.
Some however strive to be outliers. They notice things and act on them. They are the ones who do not apologize for their opinions and those who do not fear their own actions. These are the great. The great however, are rarely also good. The good shy away from change as a touch-me-not from one's skin. When the great force it upon them, the great are painted in colours belonging to shades of evil. Rarely does a change yield immediate results and so rarely are the great also seen as good.

The good are just as important as the great in determining the world's fate. The difference is that the good determine it by their inaction and incompetency, and the great do it by their action. It takes monumental will or addiction to make a great out of a good.