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Defying Destiny And Why It's So Lucrative

Destiny is a veiled trickster, raising some to the pedestals of glory while playing cruel tricks on others. Destiny has always held human fascination. It might be because destiny itself is conceived as an immortal thing. It implies that we are instruments of something else. Something greater. It beguiles us into thinking that we matter.

Yet when it comes to defying it, we do so with great passion. Defying one's destiny is the strongest way in which we can express our free will. We can say to the maker, "I shall not accept what you have given me."

A man who works from a disadvantaged position and still wins. Such a man is indisputably the champion. Such a man is defying his destiny that wants to crush him. This is seen across all walks of life. The student who is not a genius, the sumo who is small, the underdog. That is what attracts us to those feats of

We admire people who do this and yet shun them when we are in groups. We do that because we are afraid. This man has shown that nothing can keep a man who has made his mind. Then who was it who kept us from doing what we want?

I have been reading up on sumo for a while now. A distinction between sumo and other similar contact sports is that in professional sumo, there are no weight categories. There are no costumes.

A man competes with spirit, body and technique, completely discarding all other things which do not matter. It is an art of balance where if any other body part touches the ground other than the feet, you lose. If you exit the ring you lose.

One can see why Japan has the national sport of Sumo. The national sport of a nation declares the type of competition people there like. Sumo is a very simple sport and yet introduces complexities of immense magnitude in the higher levels. It is only because it is so simple to lose in sumo that it is so difficult.

I highly recommend Sumo to anyone looking to find inspiration in their lives.