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The Computer Science Society, SSC

The Computer Science Society of St. Stephen's College.
That is one name which has changed me a lot. We have our annual event CyberCept around the corner.

Bringing the society up from the ashes is one hell of a task and all credit goes to the people who work day in and out for it. None moreso than ex-Prez MGM. When I came to college I was dying to join the CompSoc but could not get a hold of any member of the compsoc. I fainally joined in my second year. From then on it has been a twisted and violent growth from the ground. We have hosted events with footfalls of over 500 and also events which had to be cancelled because nobody showed up.

Nothing has given me more than CompSoc. This is one society which has driven me to develop a thirst for knowledge. I have learnet to love linux for its freedom, python for its clarity; codechef for its questions and moreover have dabbled in all things computer.

After events who could forget the pizza and fun. Administration blunders to participant bloopers were all a part of this group.

The best part of my experience was when I developed The Compsoc Website skeleton in a timeframe wich shocked me.

I have met wonderful people in the society. Have seen the embodiment of work and laziness both.It has been a wonderful 2 years compsoc and as I leave college I only wish I had more time to spend with this group of awesome people.