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Simple map navigation

This is now an official attempt to navigate a given map using genetic algorithms. I will be using the techniques explained in the previous post.
Genetic algorithms.
Look at the git page.

Now to explain the code.

  1. The gene
    1. The gene is composed of 'l' 'r' 'u' 'd'.
    2. each letter corresponds to a left, right up down movement on the map.
  2. The map
    1. the map is composed of empty spaces
    2. walls are determined by '0'
    3. entry point is 1
    4. target is 2
  3. The roulette function
    1. This can select a gene from a population based on the weights.
    2. It can select max and min fitness
With that done ill leace the rest of the code to be seen and read by you.