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The nature of the average man.

I fear for this country. My fear is not unreasonable since it is based on observations I have myself taken. It might be biased but even in that case I think it will hold true.

My fear is that this country will have no bright future. No good things will come out of this country since the only people who do good things are the outliers, the statistical improbabilities. Our country's attempt to create these outliers is to simply create more people.

We area attempting to fight quality with quantity in the hope that out of the many random upbringings possible in this country, one will give rise to the next Ramanujan. That is simply too far fetched. One may attempt to do this but it will bear no fruit.

The problem in my opinion lies with the will of the masses. The masses are simply put, intellectually shut off. Take for example the talks between young men in hostels. In the pursuit of excellence in academics these men have enrolled in the best of institutes and yet the dominant conversation in their free time is about the simpler instincts of man.

There is nothing wrong about the simpler pleasures of life. By all means life is a sum of these pleasures, but the people who have decided to devote themselves to study should at least prioritize these pleasures.

Perhaps the problem lies in the assumption that they have decided to enroll. When academic qualification becomes a requirement for a lot of things, people enroll simply to become eligible for that something else. This creates pseudo institutes of learning which offer a stamp of qualification to the students( better called candidates).

My fear is that because the quantity of such people is much more than the people who actually pursue academic excellence, it is more probable that the pseudo-learned will land government jobs than the learned. The government in turn being a majority of such people makes the lives of the learned more difficult.

Such effects are controllable in a small population but in a population as large as the Indian citizenship, this is a major flaw. It causes inertia in the system which takes a lot of time and force to change.

It leads to stagnation in a nation's rise to glory. That is my fear. The population of this country creates intellectual death spots and those spots are what will rule this country.