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I was watching a cutscene from bioshock. He said "Imagine the will it took to build this place". That caught my eye. Will.

What is so special about that one thing. He did not say money or time. He said will. I began to dig deeper into this word and found that a lot of people who did amazing things came up against odds that were overwhelming. Tense situations either strengthen or break the will of a person. To quote from the monk who sold his ferarri "getting up in the morning takes will"

Hence I began my experiments with will.
I have not eaten anything since last night. That would make it 18 hours. For a guy like me who has three meals a day this is verry difficult.

The night was ok since I was sleeping most of the time. I usually have a breakfast of parathas. Pretty heavy. Hence by noon I was a little squeamish.
I had my first stomach growl at about lunch time. Since then lions have been roaring in my stomach regularly.

I try to dring water and settle them but it does not work. Ill eat dinner tonight at about 9pm. That will make it 24 hours of hunger. For the first time in my life I will have tested my will. The interruptions in attention when your stomach growls is very stark. It makes you stop whatever you are doing ang pay attention to it. Ill try to make this a habit. Delay the first growl to about 6pm. That ways I can go two days without food on my next test.

Lets see how long i last. Adios.