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Youth. Lost.

Last night as i lay down to sleep, like most of the times I began to dream. A dream of thought. Where one leads to another and the thread of thought stretches on.

I thought of myself. I wonder if everyone is as lost as I am. We have no purpose. This clamour over being an all rounder. The average kid being able to hold her own in any field. It was good back in the days before industrial revolution. A child followed the family business. There was purpose. Now there is none. You see the illusion of free will is that from a very youg age we a re allowed to do anything.

Its like we are drowning at sea. There are a thousand boats that can save us but we have to swim to them. The thing is that only when we reach the boat do we see it's holes. In the hope of finding a boat with minimum holes we have all become boat hoppers. This is what free will does. This is what choice does. In all my short life I have come to know that once you are on the boat, stick to it.

This boat hopping behaviour leads to nincompoops in all the boats. Spineless men who leave when the shit hits the fan.This is simply youth lost. Freedom is not choosing something aout of whim and no person stopping you. Freedom is when you choose something while there is resistance to your choice. That is freedom. Freedom comes not from the acceptance of others but rather from the will of our own selves.

Im blabbing again. Maybe I should shop writing this stuff. Or not. Who knows. If I am one in  a million who are lost. Maybe there are a hundred like me. Maybe we all can get to gether and go to the same boat and stay there for better or for worse.