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A train of thought on purpose

What is purpose? I go on to propose that purpose is some state of being which a man wants to achieve. It might be world
dominion,excellence,power,love or even hate. He goes through time and every action and every thought is merely a means to attain that state.With
purpose comes Will and with Will action.Purpose is that which leaves you sleepless and wakes you up from your dreams of it. Purpose provides the Will
to carry on into the night while others tend to their bleeding feet. It is purpose that dictates a man to spend sleepless nights and yet be grateful
for them. It is the fire that burns bright despite the absence of fuel. It is that which every man wants to have and very few do. It is the heart of
life and only when that heart is beating does life begin.Purpose does not need justification once set in the mind of a man. It is the engine that
fuels itself. It is a waterfall that leads to the glacier where it came from. Once known to a man, it is eternal and all consuming.From being
purpose-less to having purpose is a journey which has broken many a spirit. Fortunate are those who have purpose for it is a broken man without one.

What if there is no purpose?What if there is?Whithout purpose a man is a broken spirit.The very nature of free will and intelligence begs of purpose.
Without purpose we have nothing to excercise the powers of intellect on. Without purpose we are the mosquitoe in a storm. We can fly,yes, but it does
not matter if we do.The spirit does not give us power enough to go against the storm if we so choose.With purpose however we are no longer a
mosquitoe in a storm; we are boulders in a river. We are in the river,yes, but we may choose to change it's course.Purpose is what defines us as
people. A purposeless man is no different from an animal, a single bacterial cell.When asked that is intelligence; i cannot answer. You see a single
cell is alive, but it's life can be quantified into reactions. An animal then. But is an animal not made of cells?And humans are nothing more than
animals in the eyes of staunch science. How then do we define intelligence?

Intelligence is the ability to define your own purpose. Ability mind you. This does not dictate that you must necessarily do so. You must be the
creator of action and not simply wait to react to something.A cell has a predefined purpose which is to survive and pass on the knowledge it gathers
in it's lifetime. The method of passing on differs from the level of life to organism complexity however this default purpose,if you will, remains.
When a lifeform begins to have the ability to ignore this purpose and work towards something else I would begin to call it intelligent behaviour. If
we analyse the current world with this in mind sudden changes in perception begin to occur. Institures of learning which were supposed to help us
find purpose and help us along that way suddenly become nothing more than places of training in a set of methods. Institutes of work have now become
employment centers.You family becomes just blood relations.That is what the absence of purpose does.

If purpose is so important in life, how does one go about acquiring it?Unlike popular perception purpose does not come from fate.Intelligence makes
it so that we must choose our own purpose. Yes hardships do help in deciding but the final decision is ours.With the improvement in quality of life
we have taken away hardship. The growing pains of a human psyche in my opinion has ben diminished to such an extent that the human is no longer
unique. Their memories are their own but their behaviours are not. They are standard run of the mill mass communication shaped psyches.One must
choose.The fear of failing is large.For better part of my life I have had the same fear. It has stopped me from becoming what I know I could have.The
fear of failing keeps you from giving it your all.If you allow your purpose to wholly define you.If you allow yourself to become so consumed by it,
immersed in it that without the purpose there is no you,then and only then will you know the joy of life. Of having something to live for. Let not
that fear of failing in your purpose keep you fromm choosing one.Keeping your options open, as they say, is the workst you could possibly do to
yourself. That keeps you from gaining purpose and thus your stringth of will that could be a hundred times more than what it is now.Close that door.
Refuse to go anywhere but where your purpose takes you.Turn down everything else. Breathe in the scent of hardwork and Will.Hear your heart beating
just to accomplish that one thing.With every action of yours know that you are closer.Then you shall not exist but live.Time shall fall away and
hunger shall not bother you.Sleep will not come easy unless dictated by the physical needs of our body. You will wake from the beautiful dreams of
that one purpose by the Will that burns inside you. But first you must make that choice. It is a big choice. Choose well.

Choose well. Ask a thousand questions before it.Raise a million doubts before it.Shake the choice to it's core.After making that choice however. Give
yourself to it and question it not. Let it guide you, show you places not seen. Soon enough the world shall seem different as you look through eyes
moist with the love for that one purpose.I say to you my friend.Purpose is human.