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Statistcis of the 2014 General Election

The 2014 General Elections were very popular and saw the introduction of many new faces onto the political platform. Some interesting statistics from those elections and their results are shown here which might lead us to some interesting conclusions. To begin with, let us define our data set. The links used to provide data were:
With these links we had with us the election results of all candidates in the 2014 GE. Along with that we also had with us the number of criminal cases against approximately 1400 candidates.

Using DATA1 and DATA2 we create a list of candidates present in both the data sets. Thus we have ~1000 candidates. From this list we only use 3 pieces of information.
  1. Candidate name
  2. No of criminal cases against them
  3. Number of votes they got
With that we obtain some interesting figures:
  • The minimum vote anyone received was 1
  • The maximum anyone received was 758482
  • The maximum number of criminal cases was 382 against Uday Kumar SP
  • The second highest criminal count was against Sridip Bhattacharya at 57
  • Minimum number of criminal cases were 1
  • Correlation factor between criminal cases and votes was 0.032
Some things of note are:
  • The correlation is weak. Thus it is ignored. In order for it to be relevant, it must be at least greater than 0.1
  • Real criminals are still contesting for public office
For the time being the 2014 GE show nothing interesting statistically for me to discover at my level. I will consider it interesting the day the covariance crosses 0.1

Comments and similar efforts are welcome.