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Back from the dead

I was busy with the college website. Back from the dead.
The thing with me is I cannot hold onto something long enough. I guess that is what everyone is like. It takes a lot of will to keep doing something.

Newfound respect from my father who has been doing the same thing for the last 20 years. Thats will. Getting up everyday and going to office even when he knows nothing new is going to happen.

These last days I saw something. Placements are going on in college. Its a big deal. You see the course Im doing has only a simple science gradation degree. Getting placed is a big thing here. The funny part is how people with amazing records will clamour for jobs even when they know that they will get better ones. Its like even though you are good; and you know it, you just cannot help that feeling that there are a million just like you.

This past semester we were taught physics by Dr. Jacob Cherian. The Physics honours students say hes a douchebag. Does nothing but tell stories and insult people in class. I violently disagree. He tells stories so that things stick in our heads. You are more likely to remember the laws of motion if they happened to your teacher intead of 'a point object'. Also the insulting is what i like. It shows the holes in our ideas and what the 'EDUCATION' system has done to us. In my opinion hes the one teacher who knows teaching is not about holding our hand and leading us. Its about pointing the way and smiling as we get bloodied.

More on this later. I think I finally named this blog correctly. Have no purpose.